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    Submitted by: GreaterPlaces | December 31st, 2014

    Top Five Components of a Successful Bike Share System

    The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) developed an infographic with the most important features to consider when establishing a bike sharing system.  The top five components are: (1) Station density, (2) Bikes per resident, (3) Coverage area, (4) Quality Bicycles and (5) Easy-to-use stations.  The infographic distills information in their larger Bike Share Planning Guide.

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    Submitted by: GreaterPlaces | November 6th, 2014

    Digital Services Playbook

    Digital services projects (email campaign, websites, mobile apps) too often fail to meet expectations. For government agencies, several factors contribute to unused or unusable features: outdated project development practices, outdated procurement regulations, and no avenue to fix bugs after a launch. In response, the U.S. Chief Information Officer and the Federal CIO Council created the Digital Services Playbook, which identifies a series of “plays” drawn from new practices such as agile development to help agencies successfully deliver digital services.

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    Submitted by: GreaterPlaces | October 7th, 2014

    Chicago Transit – DIY Transit Information Screen

    The Chicago Transit Authority is recruiting private entities to display transit information (Train Tracker and Bus Tracker).  Through a web-based slideshow, anyone with a dedicated computer, screen and internet connection can install an information portal for the travelling public.

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    Submitted by: Lisa | September 9th, 2014

    Urbanism on Tap – constructive conversations about ideas shaping Tampa

    Urbanism on Tap is an event organized by CNU Tampa Bay and The Urban Charrette designed to give an opportunity for the community to engage in constructive conversations about current ideas shaping ampa Florida

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    Submitted by: James Lantelme | August 31st, 2014

    The Presidents’ Breakfast – civic association-led planning

    Twenty-five years ago, Arlington County (Virginia) officials, businesses and neighborhoods along Columbia Pike started a revitalization organization in response to the growing disinvestment along the length of the Pike. Unlike downtown redevelopment, corridors pose special challenges for both economic development and neighborhood buy in; the longer the corridor, the more neighborhoods to involve.  Moreover, corridors spread economic activity along a thin strip of roadway.  In Arlington, presidents from 10 civic associations met regularly to build relationships, planning skills and trust.


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