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GreaterPlaces is an award-winning website, forthcoming mobile app and consulting firm.

The demand for smart city + emerging transportation is growing, even as cities, suburbs & towns invest more in walkable, bikeable and sustainable design.  To make the best of both, here is what we do for cities and towns:

  • Help building out your Smart Cities + New Mobility practice area –  create a service catalog, RfP/RfQ language, internal training, and marketing. This includes planning for driverless & shared use, auditing codes & plans, integrating smart cities into existing plans, and  sidewalk/curb design for increased demands in the public realm from shared use.
  • Mobility hubs  –  new models for transit oriented development, flexible buildings, and all modes of transit – including active, transit, shared &  driverless for  cities and sub/exurban retrofit (hat tip Sarah Lewis).
  • Civic engagement & the best in Best Practices – Planetizen named GreaterPlaces a Top 10 resource this year based on our creative games, method cards and new ways of communicating best practices. I bring game design & hacking as well as a strong track record in building social media portfolios.
  • Facilitation – You will need a strong, knowledgeable facilitator to help clients lead public discussions on technology portfolios that meet local needs and values, particularly in small towns and suburbs.
  • Mobile app – mobile app (about 60% there) with news, a portable “textbook,” and in-app tools (including augmented reality). The expected launch – at the May American Planning Assn conference in NYC (sign up to get notified).
  • Connections – I am on the American Planning Association’s Smart Cities Task Force and taking a leading role building content for planners on smart cities. I have a large network with tech companies and smart city startups. Your name will be associated with this leading work on putting the smart in smart cities.

About Lisa Nisenson

I have almost 20 years of experience as a planner in many roles: citizen activist, federal policy analyst, local planner, consultant and director of a non-profit organization.  The highlights also on my LinkedIn page:

  • Startup founder – I have built a website, print products and a forthcoming app based on two years of work in the go-to tech incubator for smart cities (1776dc). I have experience in using the lean startup methodology, as well as service design and design thinking.
  • Driverless – I am currently leading a “planning scrum for driverless” to create a 3-4 year road map to get driverless shuttles on local streets.
  • Local government experience – in Sarasota County work on energy efficient land use.
  • Federal policy innovation – with EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities and as a consultant with a focus on (1) stormwater & cities, (2) transit oriented development, (3) neighborhood-friendly density, and (4) multi-use infrastructure. I’ve helped constituents and clients navigate shifting policy by focusing on outcomes and leveraging key language to get things done.
  • Non-profit – Served as interim Executive Director of the Florida House Institute.
  • TEDxArlington: Transportation: The New Era of the Strategic Small Bet
  • Woman-owned business – In process of certification (I can be a contract staffer to help enhance business development ).



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