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Welcome to!  Some features are still under construction – while other are ready for you to use for ideas in your city, town and neighborhood. Your best bet?  Sign up and follow us at @greaterplaces on Twitter

We are creating a new platform to showcase the best in community design: placemaking, planing, policies and public participation. GreaterPlaces features the  We connect people looking for ideas with civic innovators around the globe.

By signing up and following GreaterPlaces, you’ll have access to:

  • Crowdsourced examples of the best in city & community design (ideas & inspiration for your city, county, and neighborhood)
  • An organized, visual platform (better, faster access to your favorites)
  • All planning topics in one place (more dots connected)
  • Collaboration & networking (the power of social networking & sharing)
  • Expanded audiences (your work will get more attention)