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Posted by on Feb 6, 2015 in | 0 comments

Street Design – Using Streetmix to Learn the Basics of Streets, Sidewalks & Buildings

Streetmix is a free online tool to help communities understand the components of streets, sidewalks and the interface with private buildings. Streetmix allows users to increase/decrease the dimension of street components such as vehicle lanes, on-street parking, bike lanes and building heights.  The site allows imperial and metric units.


Audiences and Venues:

  • Cities can use with citizens in considering updates to transportation and comprehensive plans
  • Real estate developers can use in public meetings and when sketching concepts with architects.
  • Professionals can use as a sketch tool in scoping out street and sidewalk dimensions.


Sample Learning Objectives

  • become familiar of allocated uses within the street and sidewalk rights-of-way
  • understand the competition among modes
  • define design options that can be considered.

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