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Thank you for helping build a collection of placemaking and plans for this site and our mobile apps.  Once submitted, we will review and get back to you with any clarifications needed, then post for everyone to see!

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From our testing with audiences, here are the top things people are looking for now:

  • Cool ideas for public participation – festivals, tactical urbanism, gamification

  • Use cases of Civic Technology & how it was used to solve a problem

  • New publications – summary of what’s included (include screenshot of the cover)

  • Design tricks & solutions – How your firm or city successfully solved density transitions, live music, traffic calming, affordable housing, etc..

 Once posted, please share widely and rally your community around the work you’ve done.

Maximum of 140 characters allowed
Choose keywords to help readers
Provide as much information as you know (including country)
Will appear in listings page (maximum 200 characters)
To help other communities, add “Lessons Learned,” performance metrics or implementation tips
(maximum 300 characters)
See Preview here

See Preview here

See Preview here

Optimal photo size 450 x 280