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Product Summary:

All types of transit information made instantly available

TransitScreen​ is a live transportation display — information about all mobility options available. Helpful information is customized specifically for a location by address.

Market Segments & Services

TransitScreen boosts mobility by providing riders easy access to travel information on the go. Without having to rely on devices or paper schedules, TransitScreen lets users easily time and catch the next bus or train, grab a bikeshare, or hail a ride. By making transit easy, TransitScreen can play a role in overall programs to reduce auto traffic, parking demand and increase active, healthy modes of getting around. Specific markets include:

Transit Agencies: Transit agencies can update signage throughout the system, replace paper and first generation digital signs with a powerful new schedule and communication systems.

Local Governments: Transportation Departments can deploy screens as part of a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program or as part of a first/last mile access to transit strategy.

Commercial Property Managers: Offices, Sporting Venues and other large destinations.

Residential Property Managers: Residential buildings can meet residents needs in apartments and condominiums, reducing demand for parking and increasing the building’s appeal with transit services.

Campuses: Reduce parking demand and attendant costs by facilitating multi-modal options to single occupancy vehicle use.

How TransitScreen Works


Real Time displays in Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs

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