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11th Street Bridge Park

This is a good example of:

Community-wide planning to transform an abandoned bridge to a new park


As the old 11th Street river bridges that connect Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill and historic Anacostia neighborhoods are being replaced, the District government and a local nonprofit organization, Building Bridges Across the River at THEARC, will transform the aged infrastructure into the city’s first elevated park: a new venue for healthy recreation, environmental education and the arts.

The 11th Street Bridge Park will span the capital’s cityscape – a soaring structure that will engage the local community and bring residents together from across the city. The park will feature:

  • Outdoor performance spaces
  • Playgrounds for all ages and abilities
  • Environmental education center inspiring the next generation of river stewards
  • Urban agriculture
  • Public art
  • Kayak and paddle boat launches on the river banks below the park

Bound by the Washington Navy Yard on one side and the National Park Service’s Anacostia Park on the other, the Bridge Park will be a destination for some, a pedestrian or bicycle route for others linking to the existing network of riverwalk trails and, for the city, an iconic architectural symbol across the Anacostia River.

We are proposing to create a place unlike any other in Washington, DC – one that supports the community’s physical, environmental and economic health. The community behind the 11th Street Bridge Park has four goals:

  • Reconnect the neighborhoods on both sides of the river
  • Re-engage the community with the Anacostia River – an incredible and irreplaceable natural resource
  • Generate new jobs and economic activity
  • Create a healthy community by establishing a safe place for residents to exercise and play.

Images courtesy DC Office of Planning, Ed Estes

DC Ward 6 shoreline

DC Ward 6 shoreline


Key Quote:

“I think the bridge is going to bring a lot of people together who normally don’t cross paths.” Tendani Mplubusi-El, Ward 8 Artist and Resident

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Washington DC

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Under Construction


Building Bridges Across the River at THEARC, DC Office of Planning, DC Department of Transportation

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