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Active Streets Toolkit



Benefits & Problems Addressed

Visual communications: The cards allow community members and technical experts to share ideas with a common , visual language.

Free resource: The cards, which cover commonly-used street design elements, are available for free download.

Tips & Techniques

Getting started:  Use for public meetings, internal brainstorm sessions, and planning exercises.

Printing the cards: The Dropbox file is 24 pages and contains 45 doubled-sided cards.  The cards feature rich graphics on one side and a photo represnetation on the back with information. For heavy use, print on heavier cardstock.

Hot Buttons:  The rich colors will use a lot of ink.  The ideas may not be available everywhere.

Image: Tiffanie Tran

Image: Tiffanie Tran

URL link to Main Resource:

Project Location :


Development Context:





LA County Bicycle Coalition, LA DOT Bicycle Coaltion, TRUST South LA, LA County Department of Public Health (funder) Tiffanie Tran

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