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“Add a tree to your street” public engagement tool

This is a good example of:

using small images printed on clear mylar to envision street trees


Project Great Streets is part of Austin Texas’ 2001 Great Streets Master Plan. The goals for the Great Streets Master Plan are founded in Austin’s Downtown Design Guidelines of creating a dense, vibrant downtown that has a strong sense of safety, history, unique character, economic vitality, public art, and pride of place.

The first implementation of the Great Streets Master Plan was four blocks of 2nd Street in downtown Austin. When the plan was written in 2001, 2nd Street was a one-way street leading auto traffic out of downtown towards freeways. Under the Master Plan, the one-way street was rebuilt as a two-way street.

2nd Street today has wide sidewalks (18ft. on the south side and 32 ft. on the north side), mature street trees, street furniture and lighting, sidewalk cafes, shops, civic uses, theaters, and residential buildings. The 2nd Street District is served by local buses, bus rapid transit, car share, and bike share. The area now has a variety of mixed use development; the 4 block civic investment in the public realm has generated $1,032,633,594 in taxable real estate value.

The current Great Streets Development Program boundaries are 11th Street on the north, Cesar Chavez Street on the south, IH-35 on the east, and Lamar Blvd. on the west. The Great Streets Parking Meter fund sets aside 30% of the parking revenues collected in downtown within the program’s boundaries to provide assistance to the development community to implement the Great Streets standards. The fund generates approximately $400,000 per year.

ebooklet cover

ProjectGreatStreets spreads the word on streetscape improvements.  In addition to an e-book, the group produced small images of trees on mylar for people to hold up as they view a street.  The idea is to replicate how photoshop inserts images onto paper.



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Austin, Texas

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