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Chicago Transit – DIY Transit Information Screen

This is a good example of:

Cost effective expansion of transit information screens


CTA’s Do-It-Yourself Transit Info Display (beta) is a free, Web-based slideshow that features estimated bus and train arrivals, and additional information. CTA is targeting shops, lobbies, and apartment buildings.

Snapshot of Train Tracker screen: CTA

Snapshot of Train Tracker screen: CTA

Part is CTA’s pitch is the value of making helpful information, including transit times, important service alerts, and even local weather conditions and forecasts, available to visitors or customers.  In return, customers can linger if they know when buses are coming or avoid the elements.

The screen shots are customizable, with information on:

• Estimated arrival times for up to sixteen stops
• A large-print “next arrival” for a preferred stop (if you have one) that people can see from a distance
• Chicago weather—both current conditions and up to a 5-day forecast
• Service change information for specified routes
• Date, time & temperature

URL link to Main Resource:

Project Location :

Chicago, IL US

Development Context:



Under Construction


Chicago Transit Authority

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  1. over the last 26 years funding inqteieius have caused the cta to increase fares and cut services, resulting in reduced, access to much needed transit services, less employment opportunities, and lower property values in predominatly minority neighborhoods.

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