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Community Button Campaign – “Not Myself Today”

This is a good example of:

using campaign style buttons to stimulate community conversations.


The 2012  “Not Myself Today” campaign sought to draw people into a conversation on mental health issues in Toronto.  Given the stigma and lack of conversation on mental health, organizers decided campaign-style buttons could ease communications, though in a comfortable, highly visible way.  The campaign also used posters, shirts and stickers to convey a range of feelings.

As part of the month-long campaign, pedestrians could wear one or more buttons, swapping them out when their emotions changed. The colorful wall served as both mental health campaign and public art installation, drawing people to the button wall.

Behance/Blok Design

Behance/Blok Design

Key Quote:

"500,000 Canadians miss work every day because of mental health." - Not Myself Today campaign

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Project Location :

Toronto, Canada

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Partners in Mental Health, Blok Design

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