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Innovative Communication for Transportation Master Plan in Singapore

This is a good example of:

User-friendly outreach materials for transportation intiatives


Singapore’s transit agency is using an inventive method for spreading the word about their Land Transport Master Plan 2030 update, the country’s vision for transportation in the next 20 years. The Singapore Land Transport Authority (“LTA”) used friendly, at-a-glimpse visuals to spread the word about the country’s upcoming 2030 transportation initiatives. LTA’s colorful, inclusive, concise comics help Singapore residents understand the transportation challenges the country is facing, and how residents will benefit from LTA’s upcoming initiatives.


Singapore's Land Transportation Plan Summary (

Singapore’s Land Transportation Plan Summary (

Singapore has implemented an inventive method for communicating it’s 20-year transportation vision. The Singapore Land Transport Authority (“LTA”) uses friendly, easy to digest comics to spread the word about the country’s transportation initiatives. LTA’s colorful, concise visuals help Singapore residents understand what is in store for their country’s transportation. The LTA used comics to explain the country’s “people-centered land transport system” goals. The 2030 goals explained in the comic include having residents take 75% of peak-hour trips on public transit, having 85% of public transit trips take less than one hour, and having 80% of Singapore residents live within a 10-minute walk to the nearest train station (

The top three values transportation goals (Image:

The top three values transportation goals (Image:

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