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James Hunter Park: Dog Park and Community Plaza

This is a good example of:

Creating a multi-use park for people, dogs, landscaping and stormwater management


James Hunter Park 3

Arlington Virginia’s James Hunter Park is more than a dog park. It is a sustainable community gathering place within two blocks of the Clarendon Metro stop. The park serves a large population of dog owners as well as nearby residents and workers. More than 8,000 people live within a 10-minute walk of the park and nearly 15,000 more work in the area.

In addition to the community canine area, the .17 acre space includes an open grassy area, a plaza area with tables and chairs, and a path¬† meandering through a native planting demonstration garden. Arlington worked with Alfred State College in New York to design the park’s solar irrigation and water management systems. In addition, the park’s signage is part of a public art project.

While the park is wiJames Hunter Park 2dely used by dogs and neighbors alike, there have been complaints about the design. ¬†Some see the fountain’s chlorinated water as dangerous for dogs, and others have expressed concern about the lack of shade and the fine canine-area gravel stirring up dust.


James Hunter Park 1


Key Quote:

James Hunter Park includes "top-notch amenities including a plaza area for picnicking, demonstration garden, solar panels providing power to the irrigation and water management system, open grassy area for informal play and a community canine area," Parks and Recreation Director Jane Rudolph.

Project Location :

Arlington, Virginia

Development Context:

Inner Ring Suburb




Arlington County, Alfred State College, Builder: Avon Corporation

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