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Los Angeles Urban Design Studio Resource Guides

This is a good example of:

Producing a library of guides to meet local design contexts


Housed in the City Planning Department and staffed by student interns, the Urban Design Studio is responsible for integrating urban design into the wider universe of planning and public processes.

In 2011, the city established 10 urban design principles grouped into three main areas:

Movement: A city of mobility

1. develop inviting + accessible transit areas

2. ensure connections

3. produce great, green streets

Health: A city of activity

4. generate public open space

5. reinforce walkability, bikeability + wellbeing

6. bridge the past + the future

7. nurture neighborhood character

Resilience: A city of responsibility

8. stimulate sustainability + innovation

9. improve equity + opportunity

10. emphasize early integration, simple processes + maintainable long term solutions


The Studio has produced several guides:


Residential Citywide Design Guidelines (May 2011)

Commercial Citywide Design Guidelines & Checklist (May 2011)

Industrial Citywide Design Guidelines (May 2011)

LA Walkability Checklist (November 2008)

Designing a Healthy LA (no date)

Bikeable Design – a Toolkit for bike-friendly development (October 2013)

Small Lot Design Guidelines (January 2014)

Downtown LA

Downtown Street Standards (April 2009)

Downtown Design Guide (June 2009)

Central City Plan (no date)

Urban Design and Planning Reports

Do Real Planning (2007)

Los Angeles Placemaking Academy (June 2009)


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Los Angeles, CA US

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Los Angeles, CA US, LA Department of City Planning, City of Los Angeles

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