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Low Impact Development Road Map

This is a good example of:

Simplifying regulations using fun graphic design


Los Angeles used a board game graphic to explain storm water rules, which took effect in 2012. This map simplified a complex rule by showing, stepwise, how to comply with exemptions and requirements.


In 2011, Los Angeles adopted Low Impact development, of LID rules for new construction and certain redevelopment projects. The main purpose of the LID Ordinance is to ensure that development and redevelopment projects mitigate runoff in a manner that captures rainwater at its source, while utilizing natural resources. The rule needed to exempt smaller projects and offer homeowners and businesses flexibility in how to manage storm water.

Top points:

  1. a board game graphic is a good tool for explaining regulations that contain options,
  2. the graphic was used in conjunction with a brochure to explain the “why” and importance of storm water management,
  3. This type of game board graphic can be used to explain other permits and

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City of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles Stormwater Program City of LA Public Works

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