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Quick Urban Fixes in NYC – Rotten Apple Project

This is a good example of:

Tactical, DIY urbanism projects


The Rotten Apple Project seeks small, low cost additions to New York City’s streets. ┬áSome additions bring new uses to existing infrastructure while others use the city as public art. ┬áSome of the projects include:

  • Get Rhythm, Give Rhythm – small containers affixed to construction scaffolding hold drum sticks that let passers-by create music on the metal pipes
  • Recycling Rack – water bottle holders attached to trash cans divert aluminum cans and bottles from the trash (New York has a 5 cent deposit so those bottles and cans have value).
  • a,b,c & chalk board signs – old wayfinding signs get new life with magnetic letters and chalk
Rotten Apple 1

Images screenshots from the Rotten Apple Project

Key Quote:

Design, if it is to be ecologically responsible and socially responsive, must be revolutionary and radical in the truest sense. It must dedicate itself to... maximum diversity with minimum inventory... or doing the most with the least. - Victor Papanek

URL link to Main Resource:

Project Location :

New York, New York, US

Development Context:





Rotten Apple

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