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Real Time Schedules

This is a good example of:

increasing the appeal of transit by providing real time information on transit schedules


Information at a glance: Travelers and pedestrians do not need to refer to a smart phone app or paper schedule

Real Time information:  Cities can update information in real time and coordinate multiple feeds of information . Kiosks can add interactive features such as 311 reporting services, mapping and more.

Tips & Techniques

Strategic placement: Place in high foot traffic areas or transit transfer areas where travelers need to make connections. Approach building owners to install as a tenant amenity.

Backup assistance: Link to a Help Desk in case feed links are broken or if travelers need information beyond what is displayed.

Hot Buttons:  maintaining accurate feeds, coordinating feeds from multiple sources.

Example from the Marketplace

TransitScreen  as part of Transportation Demand Management

Project Location :


Development Context:




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