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Ring Ride App

This is a good example of:

Using a mobile app for engaging citizens on bicycle planning


Vienna’s Ringstrasse is one of the world’s most beautiful and functional urban spaces. Created in the 1860’s when Vienna tore down its defensive walls, the boulevard circles the city’s historic center and is home for many of Vienna’s most important cultural institutions.
The Ringstrasse’s function reflects the best in 1970s-era transport planning: moving cars efficiently. But today’s priority is moving people and goods as efficiently and sustainably as possible. And, today we recognize the huge impact transport infrastructure plays on quality of life and economic development. Both mean that moving cars efficiently is no longer the top goal. Today we need to create a model for the 21st Century – an urban boulevard focused on sustainable transport and urban livability.
Ringstrasse 150 Project
Creating a new Ringstrasse should be supported by a 21st Century public involvement process. The Ringstrasse 150 project’s goal is to develop civic applications and technology designed to help support that process. It includes:
  • Ring Ride smart phone game, a fun way to engage people in the process
  • website: information on organisations, events, ideas and resources for improving the Ringstrasse
  • Best Practices, information on designing sustainable streets and urban cycling (coming)

The Mobile App

Introduction screen and links

Introduction screen and links

Ring Ride is available as in IoS and Android versions of a mobile app. The game is similar to other racing games with obstacles (dogs, Mozart, other bicyclists) and rewards (cookies). There are also strategies, for example, use of the bike lane lets the player go faster and collect more points and a dog will catch you if you go too slow.
Clicking on the results link also takes you to a larger site with information on how to help improve the real Ringstrasse and make it Vienna’s most livable street.Ring Ride is a project of and was awarded an Honorable Mention Award: Communicating with John and Jane Q. Public Contest at the 2016 Transportation research Board meeting in Washington DC.

Key Takeaways:

Image: Ring Ride app

Key Quote:

"Our goal is to increase participation and generate innovative new ideas that have support in the community, and thereby help create a Vienna’s most livable street." Andy Nash

URL link to Main Resource:

Project Location :

Viennna Austria

Development Context:





Andy Nash, Green City Streets, Radlobby Austria, RadKummerKasten , Radkompetenz Österreich

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