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Streetmix Street Design App

This is a good example of:

Teach the basics of street components and design through an online app


Streetmix is a drag-and-drop street design program. Users select a road width and add or remove vehicle lanes (and types, landscaping, sidewalks and other aspects of street design.  Streetmix can be used as part of a public process where street, land use and transportation planning are underway.  Streetmix is intended to complement, but not replace, the official engineering specification in road design.

Note– Streetmix requires the latest upgrades for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Takeaways for Other Communities

  1. Streetmix allows anyone (even those new to urban planning) to manipulate streets and see the tradeoffs among streets users.
  2. Streetmix also introduces conversations on required street dimensions and/or what new standards are needed to satisfy the growing number of uses seeking space in the right-of-way.
  3. Streetmix introduces otherwise complex planning terms to people who are new to the vocabulary of street and transportation planning.

Key Quote:

“It’s giving power back to the people, allowing them to vocalize what their streetscape priorities are” Lou Huang

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Lou Huang, Code for America

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