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The Idea Garden – Greening Urban Space through Crowdfunding

This is a good example of:

the elements needed to carry out a successful crowdsourcing campaign


The Wynwood District in Miami is home to large scale murals and a creative community of artists, new economy businesses and working warehouses. The LAB Miami, a collaborative campus of creatives and entrepreneurs in the heart of Wynwood, provides a space for congregation and sharing ideas. As the LAB began to build out spaces, they recognized the potential for an adjacent alley fronting the street, particularly for adding green space missing in the neighborhood’s built and natural portfolio.

IdeaGarden @ The LAB Miami from Daniel Lafuente on Vimeo.

The project’s purpose, plan and budget came together:

1) Tear out existing hardscape and pour new concrete, leaving more room for planting ($5,000)
2) Add a ton of landscape using mostly native plants to ensure the environmental sustainability of the garden ($5,000)
3) Bring in utilities and public WiFi to turn the deadspace into a highly usable and productive space ($5,000)
4) Add plenty of furniture to make sure the space is comfortable and suitable for a number of activities ($5,000)
5) Deck out the garden with technology and set the bar for public spaces of the future ($4,000)
6) Add a stage from which to host a number of speakers and performances ($3,500)
7) Create an organic garden with fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to teach the public about healthy eating and sustainable gardening ($2,500)

The Idea Garden was funded in November of 2013 and held its grand opening in December 2013.

Idea Garden before.  Source:

Idea Garden before. Source:


Idea Garden today. Source: GreaterPlaces

Idea Garden today. Source: GreaterPlaces

Key Quote:

Cheers to raising awareness on collaborative thinking, sustainability, and becoming more socially responsible! - Project Contributor

URL link to Main Resource:

Project Location :

Miami FL US

Development Context:



Under Construction


The LAB Miami,, Matt Lewis Landscape Architecture & Idea Garden contributors

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