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Urban Wayfinding Manual of Best Practices

This is a good example of:

Planning & implementing a multi-purpose wayfinding program in cities


The International Sign Association created the Urban Wayfinding Planning and Implementation Manual (68 pages) to fill a gap.  Local sign ordinances can be out of date, adopted decades ago with drivers, not all travelers, in mind.  Local sign codes, thus, can be obstacles not only to better conventional signage, but to components for city identity, branding, convenience, transit use and support for small business.

The Urban Wayfinding Planning and Implementation Manual contains the following main sections:

The Case for Wayfinding Systems – including Creating a Sense of Place, Enhancing the Urban Commercial Brand , and Consistency and Consolidation.  Case Study: Legible London

What Comprises a Wayfinding System – including Area Identification, Vehicular & Pedestrian Wayfinding, destinations, Urban/Street Identity, and Media/Print Support. Case Study: City of Charlotte, NC

Getting Started – Working with Stakeholders,  Government Officials & Community Leaders, and a Stakeholder Framework. Case Study: Philadelphia, PA

System Financing – Design, Fabrication, and Management Costs, Sources of Financing, and Ongoing Financing.  Case Study: Phoenixville, PA

Managing the Regulatory Framework– The Disconnect Between Best Practices and Regulation, Developing Regulations for Various Urban Environments, and Framing Perceptions.  Case Study: Miami Beach, FL

Managing the Design Process – Planning, Design, Fabrication, Installation. Case Study: Los Angeles, CA

Design Issues – Planning, Identity, Design, Legibility, Materials and Technology.  Case Study: Rockville Town Center, MD

System Management – Material Selection & Durability, Maintenance and Expansion.  Case Study: Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Key Quote:

"The primary objective of (Legible London) was to promote the value of walking in London" - Case Study in the Urban Wayfinding Planning and Implementation Manual

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