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"What is Zoning?" Toolkit

This is a good example of:

"Plan in a Box" tools for community led planning and learning exercises to expand civic engagement


This workshop toolkit includes a set of activities that teach concepts of density, bulk, Floor Area Ratio, land use, and how proposed land use decisions can affect neighborhoods.

Inside the actual toolbox are infrastructure tiles, a two-sided gameboard, and hundreds of colorful plastic blocks that stack up to break down the basics of zoning. Guidebooks use simple diagrams to explain how zoning works, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to lead your own workshops. The toolkit’s modules can be used to configure a workshop focused on your group’s specific organizing goals.

Toolkits are available at the subsidized price of $100 for community-based groups.  CUP also has consultants on hand to conduct workshops.  Refills and extra supplies are also available.


URL link to Main Resource:

Project Location :

Brooklyn NY

Development Context:





CUP, Jeff Lai, Andrew Sloat, and a toolkit advisory board

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