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Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

3 Important Lessons – the Last Day of Cards Against Urbanity Kickstarter

At some point, we’ll write about the big picture of how Kickstarter changed our lives and careers.  But for now we have 15 hours to make sure everyone who wants a deck of Cards Against Urbanity can get one because after today, we are not printing anymore. Decks are $30 (3 for $75 for gifts).

As we draw to a close for the 33 day/close to 350% funded project – we learned:

  • People love old school games – Twenty percent of pledges came via the Kickstarter website.  Kickstarter has ignited a new generation of card games and players, bringing together both virtual and physical communities around games.
  • Kickstarter for Audience Discovery – The team’s first hypothesis had planners and architects as our key audience.  Kickstarter proved this wrong, instead revealing an even larger audience of young professionals interested in the social and “cool” aspects of cities.   We leveraged social media to attract earned media.  Surprisingly, our most powerful outlets were (1) innovative local press and (2) the tech press.   This says something.
  • Cities need more ways to make planning fun – Cities are trying to find ways to get younger residents to participate in local campaigns and issues.  If you want to get to younger people, you have to make planning cities fun.  For the super serious field of planning, this requires a whole new attitude towards how we engage on super serious topics. It’s OK to be off-beat.

So what do we tackle?  Here are some keywords (note our project is not as randy as Cards Against Humanity, but it’s a solid NC-17):

Gentrification, transit, hipsters, bad architecture, food trucks, urban “farming,” sprawl, Agenda 21, lots of bike jokes, lots of pedestrian jokes, the tech hub craze, the slavish pursuit of millennials, noise, urban smells, duck confit, parking, etc…..

If you are still wondering what we are about, our media coverage says it best.

Tech Cocktail (10/10): 6 Ways to Become Your Own City Planner

PRWeb (10/10): New Reward Tiers & Stretch Goal

ElevationDC (9/17) – “Cards Against Urbanity” is exactly as hilarious as you’d expect

Untapped Cities (9/18) Introducing Cards Against Urbanity: The Card Game for Horrible Places

Planetizen (9/17) – Planners, Architects Launch ‘Cards Against Urbanity’

The Guardian (9/19) – Mock the City

Tech Cocktail (9/19) – Cards Against Urbanity: Because City Planning Isn’t Bullshit

Washington Post (9/23) – Cards Against Urbanity: fun for urban planners and their fans

Architect Magazine (9/24 ) Getting Snarky About Cities

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