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Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Among Planetizen’s Top 10 Websites – and what’s in store for 2016

Thank you for a great 2015.  Planetizen just named GreaterPlaces one of their top planning websites for this year.  Lisa gave a TEDxArlington Talk on planning for technology, transportation and incremental planning. Sarah is now a Congress for New Urbanism Board member.  Abbey, Ben and Brian continue to advance great architecture and planning while Emily writes for the tech incubator 1776.

First – if you are new to GreaterPlaces – we are a new city design platform connecting people looking for ideas & inspiration for cities with civic innovators around the globe. Here is a run down of our focus areas:

Post-Cards Against Urbanity Work

We learned a lot about people+planning with our first Kickstarter, Cards Against Urbanity (get info here on how to print your own). We found:

  • Cards are an amazing format for learning, sharing and conversation starting – better than books and Power Point
  • Games change the tense dynamics typical of public meetings on planning
  • Cards address many challenges with understanding cities, busting silos, and updating material.

The team at work – City Design Method Cards

Here are articles on our journey:

  • Love Urban Planning and Board Games? Cards Against Urbanity Is For You – Governing Magazine
  • How a Not-Entirely-Polite Card Game Is Changing Urban Planning – Next City
  • Cards Against Urbanity: Getting Snarky About Cities – Architect
  • Urban Planners Want to Demystify the Process With Cheeky Card Games – CityLab

Game Nights – We will be in Portland OR on February 11, 2016 at the Lucky Labrador (Hawthorne).  More here on  the New Partners for Smart Growth website. We will also host Game Lab in a parklet to create a crowdsourced board game.

Richmond VA game night

City Design Method Cards

Users gave us some tasks: reinvent the city design text book, make it for everybody, leverage technology, and make it appealing. We liked examples of method and flash cards, so we are building City Design Method Cards (late winter 2016 on Kickstarter) with:

  • Method cards: instead of chapters and pages, think decks and cards. Decks like Street Design, Civic Technology & Economic Development (with expansion packs over time)
  • Mobile App: each method will be fed into a mobile app which gives WAY more functionality
  • Web: Each method will have a more extensive page on GreaterPlaces so users can dive into material at their own pace.
  • Advertising: We are building an affordable marketing tool for small and medium firms that cannot afford conventional print/digital packages
  • Games: We are creating a board game to teach city design.
Imagine "baseball cards" for creating great cities.

Imagine “baseball cards” for creating great cities.

PlaceUX – Integrating Smart City Technology into Traditional Planning

We are helping cities build roadmaps to the future by integrating new technology into traditional city and town planning.  Specifically – we have been asked to help:

  • Audit existing plans, codes and technology across Departments
  • Smart City Menus linking technology to scenario planning, local indicators, goals and regulatory compliance
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD) for flexible, shared use, and on-demand transportation – If flexible transportation mimics transit, why not leverage for the benefits of TOD?  We help identify current and candidate areas for coordinating transportation, land use, economic development and infrastructure design. This Mobility Lab article, Uber’s New Wave of Urban Design: Are Cities Ready? and “What happens when transit comes to you? The real disruption in cities” make the case.

Stay tuned – we have a lot of opportunities for you to promote your work and build greater places. Please join our mailing list for more.

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