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Posted by on Mar 16, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Spreading the Word on City Design Method Cards – We Make it Easy

First thank you for your enthusiasm about City Design Method Cards – a new platform for city design.

But – we can only build this project if we meet our Kickstarter goals.

First – let’s just be bold and look at what we can do that is super-viral:

  • Press – if you know journalists, bloggers and newsletter editors, please pass along this email.  We also have a Brandfolder link where they can pick up the press release, photos and other information
  • Influencers – Richard Florida tweeted about us! let’s get more.
  • LinkedIn groups – Post to your LinkedIn groups.  The best times to post are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at noon or between 5 and 6.
  • People who need 10 decks – we have a tier for multiple sales and a lower price – Pass along to planning departments, communications and outreach departments, libraries and people in charge of plan updates.
  • Students, student groups and Young Professionals – Students are ardent Kickstarter backers.

Here is canned language!  Copy, paste and thank you!

1) Twitter:  Here are sample tweets to copy and paste now.

An entirely new platform for city design on @Kickstarter. Cool apps to build cities, towns Back @CityDesignCards now

Love great #civictech, #cities, and #neighborhoods? Back @Kickstarter: City Design Method Cards

The team behind Cards Against Urbanity get serious about citizen engagement.

2) Facebook & LinkedIn: Here is a short introduction and link

Now on Kickstarter – a new city design platform with suite of print, digital, mobile apps and games. The team behind Cards Against Urbanity get serious about citizen engagement.

3) Newsletter or Email Post: Here is sample language, but feel free to personalize and customize:

There is a new project on Kickstarter creating an entirely new platform for city design and civic engagement. Support City Design Method Cards by May 14 and spread the word.

What’s so different about this project?

  • It’s from the team that created Cards Against Urbanity on Kickstarter – a game making fun of cities.
  • City Design Method Cards (basically Cards FOR Urbanity) is like a book in a box – but instead of chapters and pages, it has decks of cards
  • The go to public outreach tools, like PowerPoint, are meant for lectures. The cards help group conversations – and allow people to assemble cards across decks like Street Design, Economic Development, Civic Technology, Housing and more to create places. The Kickstarter site lists use cases that sound like what we need.
  • Each deck and method is fed into a mobile app (iOS and Android with stretch goals). This is where the real difference comes in – tech allows users to like and share methods.  With stretch goals, the team can also build features like “create a Card” and printing.
  • Each method will also be presented on the parent site, GreaterPlaces, where there is even more bandwidth to add examples, research, images and more.  The set of tools, from simple print to extensive digital, helps meet people where they are on the learning curve, and access information at their own pace.

The campaign also features a giveaway each week of remaining decks of Cards Against Urbanity. To enter the contest, take a photo of a favorite city resign method (e.g., protected bike lane, bioswale, civic app) and tweet with #citydesigncards.  Giveaway each Friday.

The cards ($35 + shipping) are estimated for November delivery (in time for Christmas for the planner in your life). Check it out and spread the word to alumni groups, your non-profit friends planning commissions, and more.  Thanks!


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