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Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Blog | 3 comments

Decks & Cards for City Design Method Cards

Many folks want to know more about the Decks and Cards, so here is a running list of ideas.

We need your help identifying the VERY BEST Methods.  Please add your favorites in the comments section. Note – we are working with Ricmond VA for the Historic Preservation Deck – but please add the methods you value/need in the comments section.

Decks card page 1Decks cards 2Decks cards 3decks cards 4



  1. Under Planning Methods, Zoning Overlays – the specific types of overlay zones – Airport both the approach & noise, Floodplain, Corridor, Historic District, Stream Buffers.
    Under Public Engagement – Social Media
    Under Resilience – NFIP/CRS Program & related Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan
    Under Codes & Regulations – Floodplain Management & Coastal Zone Management, Historic Preservation
    Under Tactical Urbanism – Parklets – Park(ing)Day
    Under Public Art, Murals – Floodway Murals – Portsmouth, Ohio & Paducah Kentucky
    Under Green Infrastructure, Multi Use Parks – Levee Greenway Trails, Utility Easement trails, Rails with trails

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  2. Correction –
    Under Public Art, Murals – Floodwall Murals NOT Floodway Murals

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