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Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Even more on the Missing Middle in Transit

Thanks to Eric Jaffe at CityLab for featuring our work on the future of transit.  Today’s post comes as Congress debates all manner of transportation funding of the non-automobile sort.  The House of Representative is poised to make drastic cuts.  According to the amazing group T4America, the chopping block includes:

  • Cut $200 million for all new transit construction.  Public transportation ridership is growing as cities figure out the ties between transportation options and economic development.
  • Slash the TIGER competitive grant program by 80 percent from last year’s level down to just $100 million. This program has funded innovative projects in communities of all sizes in all 50 states.
  • Cut Amtrak’s budget by $250 million just a few weeks after the tragic Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia and ridership has never been higher.

The House vote takes place June 9th, so there is still time to connect with your Representative.  In the note, tell her/him to fund more transportation options, not fewer.

But let’s face it – we have a system hostile to public transportation and a budget under strain. This makes the new tech enabled transit options all the more attractive and necessary.  Right now cities are pretty much watching options unfold (or are constraining ride hail and ride share under pressure from existing taxi and vanpool systems).

Here is a rundown of articles (we wrote a bunch – and appreciate the likes and shares).

Almost half of all Lyft/Uber rides in San Francisco for carpooling options (Lyftline and Uberpool) – Forbes

Transportation’s Missing Middle – Strong Towns (@strongtowns)

How the Microtransit Movement is Changing Urban Mobility – CityLab

Transportation Disruption & Cities – the tip of the iceberg – Medium


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