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Posted by on Oct 20, 2015 in Blog | 2 comments

How to Get FREE Cards Against Urbanity

Did you read the awesome Next City article and miss the Cards Against Urbanity Kickstarter?  Well, under our agreement with Cards Against Humanity, we agreed to do only one print run.

But no fear – You can print your own!  Here is a link to a LONG pdf.  Some tips:

1) use 65 lb. cardstock

2) use a rotary cutter (office or craft supply stores).

3) the cards are printed for 2-sided printing so you can run a smaller set or full set (: BIG AWESOME FILE


4) Card explainers –


  1. Thanks for providing a DYI card set to make ourselves. I love this idea for urban planning and architectural enthusiasts and was sad to have missed out on the Kickstarter. However, I have some questions with the DYI version…

    Are these cards setup for double-sided printing? After downloading the pdfs it looks like these cards are only printable for one side (only the front of the card), while there doesn’t seem to be print sheet for the back of the card (with the title “Cards Against Urbanity”).

    Also, the alignment of the black cards seems to be off. I know these cards are free, but if we were to produce our own and cut them – they wouldn’t all be the same size or be left with an ugly white edge.

    Lastly, what is with the last two cards for?

    Would love to produce my own set but would also like to have cards that looked like a real set of cards too! Especially if I were to use them for public events or with clients. Would love for them to have a bit more of a professional look than a homemade look. Thanks!

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  2. Hi June – We replaced the file with a cleaned up version. Enjoy!

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