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Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Must read survey on transportation, tech and the urban design – AirSage

airsage 2

Screen shot from the survey

AirSage, an innovative transportation and technology firm, released its 2013 Transportation Survey.  AirSage is moving the needle on transportation towards higher integration with land use, social media and innovation in the transportation industry. Click here to request your own free copy (though they require a phone number. #Grrrr). The survey compares opinions and professional routines across the age spectrum. AirSage sought to capture differences in attitudes regarding transportation budgets, professional challenges, communications, the role of government, and technology trends.

The standout aspects of the report are:

  • Industry and Association Newsletters, together with LinkedIn, are the biggest new channels.  However, younger audiences prefer social media to keep tabs.  One interesting note: everyone likes networking events, and as the survey cheekily notes – free drinks are always good. We live in a time when there are so many options with these events beyond the old company-sponsored happy hour.  Meetups, Facebook groups, and tech events are more commonplace around the country.
  • Younger transportation professionals’ opinions on their work reflect their generation’s view on the role of government (less) and innovation (more).  This group is key for merging tech and transportation, so using technology and innovation to replace or lessen the need for regulation seems to be an avenue for reform.

Quick Takeaways?

  • We need to do a better job at packaging and channeling information by age group.
  • The survey is agnostic on technology applications, though this is important.  There are various types:  forecasting & scenario planning, sensors & data collection, real time information, transit & transportation apps, mapping, etc…  It’s worth exploring how open various user groups are (by age, public v. private sector) to adopting various types.
  • Everyone chose, as highest priority “cut infrastructure costs with more efficient transportation systems.”  This seems like a real winner not only for the profession, but the places and infrastructure they serve.  The good news is that tech is a great way to approach this.

Of course, this survey provides information from those who filled out the survey, and there were only 126 of us.  Since AirSage is an innovative firm, the results may represent innovators rather than the general population of transportation professionals.

Screen shot from survey

Screen shot from survey

Surveys are an original form of crowdsourcing information, and AirSage has set up a page for the 2014 survey.  Please make sure to (1) add ideas for the 2014 survey and (2) fill out the survey next year.  Their twitter handle is @AirSage.


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