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Visual Notetaking – Best Practices

Visual notetaking (or VizNotes or Sketchnotes) takes seriously the maxim “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  You need not be an artist to document classes, conference session or other notes using visuals.  However, there are some tips to help you produce powerful, helpful notes using images.

Dave Grey

What is Your Purpose for Sketching?  Think about how you will use the visual notes. If you think you might remember content better with images, this is a good reason.  The second is if you intend to share content with clients and co-workers not in attendance. Finally, if you are in the content business (i.g. communications director, blogger), sketch notes are critical for building influence on image-based channels like Pinterest, SlideShare and even Instagram.

What are Advantages? Sketching lends itself to several types of content: quotes, charts, presentation flow, mind mapping and visual connections. The disadvantages are keeping up with material as it is presented, and getting caught up sketching material that is easy to draw rather than most relevant.

Live Versus Later? – Because we are processing information and drawing, I prefer sketching in a small book as material is presented and do the fancy work later. I also like to use larger pads of drawing paper for finished sketches.

Skethcnote 3

Tools?  At a minimum, blank paper (book or steno pad), pencils and pens are tools of the trade.  The pros use upscale notebooks like Moleskin and great black pens with thick and thin points. Colored pencils and pens add a nice touch, but if using Sharpies, make sure the ink doesn’t bleed through. Bring a highlighter to highlight main points (some tools are timeless!) Also bring along post it notes (3×3 will do) to augment information or record your ideas on what’s being said. Materials can get expensive, so use coupons from craft stores (Sunday paper or on smart phones) to get good materials for a great price.

Also — don’t forget your phone and apps for taking photos and arranging information.  You might find photos + sketch notes best capture information.  Look for apps that let you craft collages of different images.

Preparation?  There are several things to do pre-conference:

  1. Study the conference program ahead of time to get a sense of material. This will be important if you think you will need to link material among various sessions
  2. Practice your lettering and icons you plan to use (people, arrows, banners, charts)
  3. Study various layout options like the ones below
  4. Search “visual notetaking”  and “sketch notes” on Pinterest for inspiration.

Audiences and Venues

  • professionals can learn how to take visual notes a conferences
  • marketing professionals can use visual notes as part of their digital and visual marketing

Sample Learning Objectives

  • learn useful symbols and graphic strategies to efficiently convey ideas from presentations
  • learn what types of content are amenable to visual note-taking.

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