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Accessory Dwelling Unit Survey for Portland, Eugene, and Ashland, Oregon


  1. So happy to find this site. I have been researching ADUs for the past year (slowly) and bleeive your site will help me reach out to a broader community and find further information.I am currently in my last semester of graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin, getting my M.S. in Community and Regional Planning. I am doing my thesis on Accessory Dwelling Units. Specifically, a program feasibility study for my hometown of Denton, Texas. The thesis will also include 2 case studies that review current programs for ADUs in the country. One of my case study sites is Santa Cruz, CA, I have not decided on the other yet. (maybe Austin’s SMART Housing program). Any suggestions on other cities with successful ADU programs??? I know Portland and Seattle have great programs but I am trying to find a city less urban or west cost. I wish Austin had a stronger program. Darn! Again, so excited to see this site!!Thanks!

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  2. Nadica – I have been looking. You may want to visit the Missing Middle website to see what they have. A guy names Kol Petersen in Portland seems to be on the ADU case as well.

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